Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Edward Said

Oh my days! I have been incredibly lax with my posting and have given myself a proper hand slap for it. 
The below picture is of Edward Said, the first ever doll I made way back in 2003. He was part of a merchandising concept which involved the doll, a book and a website. I will have to remember the URL for the website and link it in, although it is all pretty cringe and naive. 
The idea behind Edward was that he was a young lad, living in London, not really knowing what he wanted to do with his life and finding out that he was, actually, a super human calculating machine and had a brain like no other. 
Yeah. Deep.
I had just moved back to London after 8 years and was having a HUGE love affair with it and E.S is really a manifestation of that. Actually, a lot of work around this time was about London; it's Architecture, it's people, it's history. I spent a lot of time at the Museum of London, hanging around the canals and East London like a proper fan kid. Good times.
I made Edward from some quickly written instructions from a mate and he is dressed in mini versions of my favourite jeans and jumper. Although he is the most badly made doll, he has special sentimental value as he is the first. 

P.S: I will get some images of the book and my sketch books up as soon as possible. x

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