Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lino fail

So my first idea was to print the patterns with Lino cuttings. I spent about £25 getting all the bits together (did you know that an A4 piece of Lino cost's £8? £8?!), got home and cut my designs:

Wonderful! I couldn't wait to put ink to these bad boys and see what they looked like. Well, it ended up looking like this:

Awful just awful. If you squint your eyes you kind of see some sort of pattern going on. When I say squint I actually mean close your eyes.
The main problem was that I had cut the lines too thin and the ink had seeped in, making it one big smudgy mess. I didn't really want to jeopardize the look of the pattern by making it look all chunky and un-lady like, so I tried some swatches with a twig and ink.

Yeah, still got aways to go with this. Back to the drawing board, one might say. Anyway, I have to finish my group of Finger Friends so this is on the back burner for now.

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A Breath of Fresh Air said...

Try going to a carpet shop and asking if they have any lino sample books they dont need anymo....