Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fingers and thumbs

I definitely feel the need to apologise for the quality of these photographs. I haven't yet got round to saving for a digital SLR. I think I need to embarrass myself first, you know, to kick start the whole saving process. These were taken with the piece a crap Sony Eriksson. Blah.
These are made out of paper, string, glue, Tippex, Sellotape and a Biro. You might recognise the shape from a drawing I did a few posts ago or you might not. I eventually want to make loads of soft structure Finger Friends (that's what I am calling them for the moment, until something better crops up) but these guys were just a mess around with different materials and I wanted to see if the shape would be better using something brittle, such as paper and string. I kinda like the way they have turned out, the bigger one needs a little more work though.

Pattern ideas for the big string Finger Friend

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